Green Sea Glass Amber Necklace

🔆 Features 6mm Green Sea Glass for renewal along with Baltic Amber for sunshine, vitality, and balance. 🔆 Inspired by nature! Our jewelry is handmade using natural gemstones. Each piece we create is unique and may vary slightly in color, size, and shape. 🔆 Handcrafted in North Carolina by our small team of women. Baltic Amber, aka "Gold of the Sea" or "solidified sunlight," is one of the world's oldest and most envied treasures. It is a fossilized tree resin formed by light and life, preserved by time, and washed up on the shores of the Baltic Sea. It is warm to the touch and light to wear. Baltic Amber is revered for its high concentration of succinic acid. Each bead is a beautiful and unique piece of history - a fossil from an ancient forest! Our small sizes are individually hand-knotted between each bead so that if the necklace were to break, only one bead would be released and not the entire strand. Our jewelry is NOT meant for teething. Made for wearing, never for chewing!