Baby Bucks

Baby Bucks is our reward program to show our appreciation to our customers. We know you have many options for purchasing baby gifts and goodies, and we are so thankful you've chosen us. We'd like to reward you for your continued loyalty, so we offer rewards in the form of money off purchases once point thresholds have been met.

Earn points when you complete the following activities:

  • Make a purchase: 1 point per $1 spent; $10 off when 250 points are reached
  • Refer a friend: $10 for them, $10 for you (once their first purchase has been made)

Can I combine rewards on one purchase?
No. Only one reward may be redeemed per purchase.

Do my points expire?
No. your points continually accrue and do not expire.

Can I use my in-store rewards to make an online purchase or vice versa?
Yes, you can. Once you've created an account in the online shop the two accounts will merge to make one account with your full points balance. Points can be redeemed in store or via online purchase.


Can I use my reward if my purchase is less than $10?
No, your purchase must be greater than $10 before your reward will activate for use.