Construktor Glow in the Dark Race Track


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Call in the fastest construction team for your city! With Construktor, your little one will have a blast assembling this race track, complete with props, models and glow in the dark stickers to make it stand out during the day and night. Fully flexible, easy snap-on tracks means your child can create unique assemblies along their room, furniture and other toys! Construction themed glow in the dark decals also allow your set to stand out beautifully in the dark. As a STEM toy, setting up trains creativity with hands on play and engages in imaginative roleplay. Combine all our sets to create a huge and glow in the dark ultimate racetrack! What's included: Illustrated Instruction Booklet Decorating Glow In The Dark Sticker Pack 2 AA Batteries 144 Track Pcs 3 Construction Vehicles (Excavator, Dumptruck, Crane) 1 Battery Powered Truck with 3 Attachments (Ladder, Crane, Claw) 1 Cave 1 Curved Ramp 1 Tower Crane 1 Pack of Signs & Stickers 1 Drawbridge 1 Stoneball 3 Barrels 6 Borders 4 Cones