Dinosaur Glow In The Dark Toy Track Set


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A prehistoric land where dinosaurs come out to play both day and night! Dino's Journey Glow in the Dark lets your child make outstanding custom tracks that shine beautifully, allowing for a unique playtime in the dark. A fully flexible & rearrangeable race car track, kids can play individually or as a group. Included dinosaur toys, slopes, stickers & more can be used to design unique tracks of their own, make their imagination go wild, allowing for educational play & creative learning that creates STEM skills & their dino adventure to life. Our easy snap-on track, extra strength plastic & full set of dinosaur themed decals that shine in bright neon green will make this a toy boys & girls will love. What's included: Carton Box Illustrated Instruction Booklet Decorating Glow In The Dark Sticker Pack 2 AA Batteries 144 Track Pcs 2 Mini Dino Figurines 2 Battery Powered 4x4 Cars 1 Hanging Bridge 1 Wooden Gate 2 Slope Sets 1 Dino Cage 4 Tropical Trees 1 Wooden Bridge 1 "Boulder" Mini Ball